How it works

Online Booking / Track and Trace:

United Worldwide are able to offer their customers for no capital outlay a secure and advanced web booking and tracking service, thus providing the type of service that was previously only within the grasp of the biggest National / International carriers.

In order to assist customers in the streamlining of their logistics United uses a suite of products specifically designed by NetDespatch to support varying volumes of shipments. NetDespatch provides a wide range of e-commerce applications for managing parcel shipments and enables online booking and tracking. Whether through systems integration, using simple web forms or even over GPRS using a hand held device, NetDespatch connects shipper and carrier systems to provide a seamless data flow from order to delivery. It automatically transfers the data from shopping cart software to the NetDespatch web servers. It then prints the required shipping labels at the point of despatch and electronically transfers the delivery information directly to United Worldwide Logistics.

Next Day, Same Day and International Bookings:

NetDespatch is a multi modal solution handling next day, same day and international bookings. It provides a complete ‘one stop shop’ across the delivery network so that everything is handled using a single application; Booking and Tracking, address management, performance reporting, labels and much more.

Key Benefits:

  • No installation, training or support costs involved
  • Both easy to use and instantly available
  • Customers are able to use the service whether making 1 booking a week or 1000 a day
  • Collection and delivery requests are easy to enter through simple screens which are easily customised.
  • NetDespatch Velocity Connector: This is a secure application, which enables:
  • Automatic import (batch or live) of collections and / or despatches
  • Automatic bar-code label printing at any location

Velocity Connector provides easy access from anywhere using a web browser. Velocity Connector can be used for orders taken at any location and for shipping parcels from any location. For example, an order entered at a call centre in Bristol can automatically output the parcel label at the shipping location in Jersey. Velocity Connector provides easy, seamless integration across any client system, as well as simplifying parcel shipping.

Login to the NetDespatch System

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