Customs Agent

Expert Customs Solutions for Seamless Operations

Benefit from over three decades of customs and duty expertise with United Worldwide Logistics, as our proficient team ensures your business operates smoothly while remaining fully compliant with customs and excise regulations—both pre and post Brexit.

Navigating Post-Brexit Customs Challenges? We’ve Got You Covered.

At United Worldwide Logistics, we go beyond managing the physical movement of your shipments; we meticulously handle all customs documentation as well.

If your business engages in import or export activities through customs, we can enhance your operations by providing assistance in the following areas:

  • Strategizing to Reduce Duties and Costs
  • Optimizing Cash Flow through HMRC’s Array of Customs Tax Reliefs
  • Effective Representation in HMRC Interactions
  • Resolving Post-Brexit Customs Concerns on Your Behalf

Additionally, we offer support in the following domains:

  • Smooth Export Clearance Processes
  • Comprehensive Import Clearance, Covering Inventory and Non-Inventory Links
  • Airfreight Clearance for All UK Airports
  • Efficient T Document Discharge
  • Skillful Duty Deferment Utilization
  • Management of T Documents, Including T1, T2, T2F, TIR
  • Precise Commodity Health Checks and Insightful Advice
  • Supply Chain Overview and Origin Assistance
  • Handling of POAO (Products of Animal Origin) and EHCs (Export Health Certificates), with TRACES Access for EU Shipments
  • Expert POA (Power of Attorney) Assistance
  • VAT Guidance through Our External Specialists
  • Proudly Part of the Elite GLN Network, Offering Agents Representation across All EU Countries

Our Global Documentation Support

United Worldwide Logistics extends comprehensive documentation support at competitive rates, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core endeavors while we proficiently manage all trade-associated paperwork. Our specialized team stands ready to assist with various forms of documentation, including:

  • Letters of Credit
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Dangerous Goods Documentation
  • EUR (European Union Revenue) and ATR (Admission Temporaire/RĂ©gime) Certificates

For more insights into our Documentation Assistance services, feel free to reach out to us.